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POPEL Landscaping and Design, can help you to determine if your lawn would benefit from core aeration and or dethatching.

Core Aeration and Dethatching are both services that stimulate the health and beauty of a lawn, but the purpose for each practice is entirely different.


Core-aeration is the best cultural practice for loosening, sustaining, and renovating already established lawns. The process of core-aeration removes cylindrical plugs from the turf to allow air, water, and nutrients to reach the turf’s fibrous root system. The remaining plugs are left on the grass surface which reintroduces beneficial bacteria to the lawn surface which help break down thatch and improve disease resistance. Aeration is normally performed in the fall in most turf areas and in some cases in the spring. Fertilizer, and especially lime and seed have greatly increased success rates when combined with aeration. Core-aeration will also reduce future maintenance by improving drought resistance and lowering watering need by encouraging a deeper root system.


Thatch is a buildup of living and dead stems, leaves, and roots that occurs between the soil surface and the green vegetation of your lawn. This layer of organic material does not decompose overtime. A thin layer of thatch is healthy for your lawn as it will help to retain moisture and increase wear tolerance. However, when the thatch layer builds up to ½ inch or more in thickness it will prevent air, light, and water from reaching the turf roots. Additionally, as thatch becomes thicker, roots may grow in the thatch layer rather than in the soil resulting in a weakened and poorly rooted turf. Dethatching can help improve lawn health and growth by removing the excess build up of plant material between the soil surface and vegetation.


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