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Turfgrass renovation is necessary when the existing turfgrass has declined to a point where cultural practices will not revive the turf but complete reestablishment is unnecessary. Generally, if half or more of the area has desirable turf, renovation will succeed.

A number of factors can cause turfgrass to decline, including improper mowing, watering and fertilizing; poor drainage; soil compaction; excessive thatch; incorrect pesticide usage; and turf pests such as insects or weeds. Sometimes problems relate to growing a non-adapted grass species, excessive shade, tree and shrub root competition or winter injury. Excessive shade and tree/shrub root competition can sometimes be relieved by selectively pruning roots or limbs or by using a groundcover that may be more suitable. Areas affected by excessive shade may best be mulched and planted with shade-loving annuals, perennials or shrubs.


Landscaping is one of the fastest and easiest ways to increase the value of a home, but sod has many uses that go beyond appearance. For example:

• Sod is used to establish a lawn quickly especially in areas where seed would be too expensive to use or would simply blow away.

• On hillsides and new construction sites, sod can help prevent erosion.

• Sod can improve cooling.

• Sod can also improve air and water quality in the immediate area.

• It can help with the prevention of flooding in the area. Sod helps to drain the water and to divert it to the ground where it becomes part of the ground water supply instead of overflowing overtaxed drain systems or already swollen local water supplies.

POPEL Landscaping and Design, can help you to determine which application is best for your lawn.


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