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Your property is a big investment and we want our clients to know that we are there for them. From new construction landscaping to existing landscapes that need a facelift, POPEL Landscaping and Design, helps you bring your property to life.


The following services can be paired with offerings from our other services to maximize our time-efficiency on your property. This list offers some of our routine residential lawn maintenance services:

•    Lawn Mowing and General Lawn Care
•    Pruning
•    Raking and Debris Collection
•    Debris Removal
•    Edge Trimming
•    Flowerbed Cleaning and Maintenance

Contact POPEL Landscaping and Design, and we’ll schedule a visit to survey your property and get to know you better. A customized package of services can be bundled together.


•    Weekly Lawn Mowing
•    Lawn Renovation
•    Spring and Fall Clean-Ups
•    Perennial Garden Maintenance
•    Edging, Mulching and Weeding of Planting Beds
•    Pruning Hedges, Shrubs and Small Trees
•    Winter Snow Plowing

POPEL Landscaping and Design, can help you to determine which services are best for your property.